absolute interactive technology

Construction Monitoring & Documentation

360°-Construction Documentations

With the Construction Doucmentation Tool, the user can review the construction process precisely by date selection at each camera location as well as navigate freely through the 3D-model of e.g. a power station. 3D-models of facillities can be included into the 360° Panoramas which show (among other features) technical details like interactive animations which the user can control easily in realime.
Selectable audio & video clips are presented to give further detailed information of technical issues. An automated 3D-Tour, where the user always is free to interact, rounds off the Rich Media experience.

360°-Construction Monitoring & Documentation

With Rich Media possibilities of our developments we can provide tailor made applications for exciting applications.
Give your audience a valuable means of information that guarantees by its free operability an impressing and lasting Infotainment-Experience.