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INLINEAR - Design & Multimedia Agency

INLINEAR was founded in 1995 under the name of "INLINEAR GraphX" in Germany.
Todays Headquarter is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Partner und shareholder of INLINEAR in Brazil is the Design-Agency PELTIER DSGÑ.
Mauricio Peltier, Creative Director and holder of Peltier DSGÑ, is carrying on the Design Business
for more than 20 years in Rio de Janeiro. The focus of PELTIER DSGÑ is on classic Design-Services
for Print Media and Web.

Specialized in Rich Media - interactive Online Applications
Under one umbrella INLINEAR is benefiting from synergies of his core areas Design, Multimedia and Software Development. In Germany all services are provided in collaboration with the partners teamXmedia in Düsseldorf and Pixelkontor in Dortmund.


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    Holger Jung-Gercke

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    Maurício Peltier

Design & Programming

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Administration & Account Management

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    Teresa Gibaldi